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Market research indicates that consumers perceive green homes to be a better value. A recent McGraw-Hill study indicated that green homeowners are more satisfied and believe that green homes are high quality, easier to maintain, more efficient, and offer health benefits. Studies also report that homebuyers are willing to pay for these benefits when purchasing their homes. Being able to offer this kind of value and benefit to consumers can set you apart from other builders.

Builders who are able to promote features such as lower utility costs, easier maintenance, and better indoor air quality are seeing increased sales and profitability and easier-to-close sales. Further, events and marketing opportunities done in partnership with local and national green building programs help to get the name of your company into the hands of consumers. Green building is a popular topic in the media, and builders associated with this initiative can take advantage of the media coverage and publicity that stem from this interest.


A GBGC certified green home demonstrates to the buyer and to the community your commitment to the environment, the homeowner, and the community. The verifier certification process means that it's not just your word standing behind your product, but that you have the support and credibility of a national program as well.

Lower Costs

While there is often a cost when switching from traditional building practices and supplies to more environmentally-friendly ones, many green building practices result in using fewer materials and generating less waste, so costs can be minimized and offset. When green practices are incorporated as standard building practice, builders can take advantage of volume discount savings, and reduced labor costs as the learning curve to implement and install different items is diffused. Each home that is built green adds to the knowledge base of building science and home performance for the benefit of the entire industry.


Incentives such as the federal Energy Efficient Builder Tax Credit are available to offset some of the cost of some green building upgrades.

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