Let’s Get Green

By GHBA Past President Mike Dishberger, GMB, Sandcastle Homes Inc.

Over the past decade, there has been a very strong movement towards ‘green’ building in the U.S. Our industry has evolved in every aspect including manufacturers, suppliers, builders, remodelers, and others in the industry that have produced or are using green products. Even this past year, the GHBA has launched the exemplary and voluntary green program, Green Built Gulf Coast (GBGC). The program is a recognized adopting entity of the National Association of Home Builders ANSI-certified building program based on the National Green Building Standard and is tailored to be affordable and suit our Gulf Coast regional building needs. The Standard provides the homebuilding industry with a valuable tool to help design and qualify residential projects as credibly green.

The Green Built Gulf Coast program is one of a kind in the country. Currently, there are 19 builders participating, both big and small (including Sandcastle Homes). Many of the GBGC certified raters are also here in Houston.

The program has the unique ability to be flexible enough to allow homes to qualify under one standard but be built with a tailored approach to meet the needs and interests of homebuyers. The scoring tool takes into account six core areas: lot design, resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and owner education. GBGC then ranks the caliber of green by providing a category of bronze, silver, gold, and the prestigious emerald. From one builder to another, I encourage you to sign up and get your homes registered under GBGC. It is not only good for the environment, it is good business. Now for developers, remodelers and associates, the program is also available to your business. Energy efficiency and building green are not going away, and it is absolutely essential to be proactive and participate in Green Built Gulf Coast.

So, call up the GHBA today, and get in touch with the Director of the GBGC Donna Buenik, and “Go Green!” You can reach her at (281) 664-1429 or dbuenik@ghba.org.