Sustainable Living: Springtime is in the Air

GBGC Expert: Lauren Ballas, Luxury for the Home

Most of us are indoors for most of the day, so why not get rid of up to 89% of those harmful VOC’s like formaldehyde and xylene? You could go out and purchase an expensive air purifying system or you could do a little research and find out what plants purify the air around you.

It’s SPRINGTIME and the perfect excuse to get out and buy some house plants! You will not only enjoy looking at all the bright colors the flowers have to offer for the outdoors but get some fresh air at the same time! This is also a great fix for those who have allergies to something in the air that a plant can help take out of your daily life.

Enjoy some time with what nature has to offer…ANTHURIUMS – The perfect plant for the office!The dark leaves of this plant soak up ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene! A great spot for this plant would be by the printer or copier.

Anthurium – Featured on Orchid Flora FERNS – Have you recently painted your house?This fascinating plant that has survived since the Prehistoric times has a lot to offer! The long feathery leaves are what get rid of pollutants like xylene and toluene that are often found in many paints and paint thinners.

Fern – Featured on Floral Exhibits SCHEFFLERA – Live with someone who smokes?If you or someone you know smokes the Schefflera houseplant is something to consider putting in your home. The hardy long lasting plant soaks up toxins from smoke like benzene and formaldehyde!

Schefflera – Featured on Avante Gardens – For more information on the subject see Inhabitat-7 indoor plants that purify the air around you naturally.