What’s in Your Water?

What’s in Your Water?

The EPA sets guidelines for what is permissible in drinking water at your home. However, these guidelines allow for traces of microorganisms, disinfectants, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and more. Chemicals such as Chlorine and Chloramine are added by your water authority to remove contaminants during the treatment process.

Fluoride is often added to the water delivered to your home. Minerals and other“permissible” elements in your tap water can give off an odor, taste metallic and make your drinking water appear cloudy.

You use water every day for drinking and cooking. A constant supply of clean, fresh, healthy water will improve the taste of coffee, tea, pastas, salads and vegetables. Plus, it’s the healthy choice for your family, pets and plants around your home.

Protect Your Investment

Congratulations, you’ve just purchased your dream home. Everything is new, sparkling and fresh. To keep it looking that way you must treat your water so that the minerals in your water supply do not leach in to your natural stone counters, spot your chrome faucets, damage appliances, clog water pipes and irreparably damage your water heater. Protect your investment with an affordable, comprehensive, whole-home water treatment solution from DuPure.

If your builder has chosen DuPure to provide your new home with water filtration solutions, that’s because our advanced filtration systems remove the majority of the chemicals, minerals and potentially harmful contaminants in your drinking water.

Know for Sure with DuPure

The DuPure range of filtered and purified drinking water solutions provides you with an endless supply of crystal clear, odorless, great-tasting water. The DuPure drinking water solutions have been independently tested and verified as the most effective way to remove harmful water-borne viruses, bacteria and a host of other contaminants that are delivered by your water authority.

There’s a DuPure drinking water solution for every budget, from our Ultra Filter Single Stage product to the UltraPur Reverse Osmosis solution, delivering convenient, purified mountain spring quality water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water and without the waste.